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af-signAllied Foam is a full-line fabricator of many types of polymer foam products with over 20 years experience in the foam industry.

We specialize in almost any type of foam, including open cell polyurethane, closed cell polyethylene, closed cell cross link polyethylene, expanded polystyrene, visco-elastic memory foam, latex foam, and cellular rubber foam.

These foam materials all have little function or purpose in their raw state, however, when put into fabrication by an experienced company, they can be used in a multitude of different applications.

Allied Foam has the ability to saw cut both vertically and horizontally, die cut, contour cut, laminate, apply pressure sensitive adhesive, and more! All of these types of fabrication can take foam that has very little function and turn it into a very useful product for your company or individual uses.

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  1. Earl or Kenny, I worked with Russ Laycox for years at DKP. Our primary owner managed DKP out of business. I’m working for Summit Plastics now and Russ suggested I call you. I have your number but if you would send your contact info to the email address below. I’d like to talk with you about your plastic products. We do a lot of big custom sized bags. I’ll call tomorrow, I hope to hear from you by email before that if possible. Thank you for your time. Bill Bull Summit Plastics.


    1. Hi Bill,

      So sorry this is late, we are having email troubles that are being resolved shortly. For now, please call (405) 946 0384 for more detailed information about our products. Thank you!


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